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Breast Lift and Breast Lift with Implants

Perth, Western Australia

Breast Implants Perth

Breast Lift Perth
Age: 38 Height: 168cm
Weight: 50kg

Pre-Op Bra: 10C
Post-Op Bra: 10D
Implant Type: 250gm Round Textured Gel
Implant Position: Behind the Muscle

Age: 18 Height: 158cm
Weight: 57kg

Pre-Op Bra: 10B
Post-Op Bra: 10D/DD
Implant Type:
Left - 250gm Round Textured Gel
Right: 300gm Round Textured Gel
Implant Position: In front of Muscle
Breast lift is a surgical procedure designed to revise and reshape sagging breasts, which can include breast implants.

Who is a Candidate for a Breast Lift?


The Procedure


1. Breast Lift

2. Breast Lift with Implants

3. Recovery after a Breast Lift

4. Results from a Breast Lift

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