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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Perth, Western Australia

Age: 33 Height: 157cm
Weight: 65kg
Pre-Op Bra: 12DD
Post-Op Bra: 12C
Total Weight Removed: 1020gm

Age: 48 Height: 163cm
Weight: 99kg
Pre-Op Bra: 20DD
Post-Op Bra: C/D
Total Weight Removed: 1495gm

Age: 53 Height: 162cm
Weight: 72kg
Pre-Op Bra: 14E
Post-Op Bra: 14D
Total Weight Removed: 1305gm

Age: 56 Height: 155cm
Weight: 68kg
Pre-Op Bra: 20DD
Post-Op Bra: 14C
Total Weight Removed: 1000gm

Age: 20 Height: 168cm
Weight: 62kg
Pre-Op Bra: 12E
Post-Op Bra: 12D
Total Weight Removed: 1400gm

Who is a Candidate for Breast Reduction?

The Breast Reduction Procedure

Recovery After Breast Reduction

Results from Breast Reduction Surgery

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